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There is only one reason the NCAA exists; student athletes. They are the sole reason for selling out stadiums and bringing joy to millions of fans across this great nation. They are the cornerstone to collegiate sports and should be treated as such. It has become evident that the very institutions and coaches they play for have lost sight of this.

Outside of the love of the sport, student athletes play to win a championship. They win a championship by working hard and believing in their coaches each and every week. The student athletes trust that their coaches have their best intentions in mind. . . Or so we thought?

How can a team work so hard for a coach they believe in and then be abandoned by that coach in the same season that is still in progress?

This practice must be banned by the NCAA. The student athletes must be put first. It is unjust that the student athletes are just pawns in this multimillion dollar industry.

This petition is for the removal of any school and/or coach being able to solicit coaching opportunities until the season is officially over (bowl games included). Any existing rules of the NCAA (such as the early contact period) should be adjusted accordingly.

Coaches can seek out opportunities wherever their heart desires. They can get paid whatever they feel they are worth. It is not about stopping them from going where they want to go. It is just the timing of the matter.

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