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How is it that 13 committee members have the power to decide the playoff fate of FBS schools by sitting in a room and being "objective"?? How can they legitimately rank undefeated teams under teams with multiple losses? If the committee was so good at what they do, then why are they always disconnected from the other polls?

Nothing proves the playoff system is woefully inadequate more than UCF's UNDEFEATED 13-0 season and Peach Bowl victory over a dominant SEC Auburn team. Champions should be determined on a field and not in a conference room.

The fact of the matter is the process is broken. The committee is a biased group who claim they know best. The public outcry of the weekly rankings released proves that the committee is not getting it right.

This petition is to have the NCAA assess and restructure the way the college football playoffs are determined. A committee is not the answer. All FBS teams should have a shot at the national title. They should not just be playing for a conference championship and calling it a season.

Let's hear your voice and demand a change! There should be a path for all FBS schools!

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